Car Hire Nairobi services acquaint you with a var range of merits offered by car hire services. You do not have to settle for the public transport to get to business conferences or for leisure. Leading car rental Nairobi agencies such as are more affordable than local cabs.

Here are a few things to avoid when you hire a car in Kenya:

Purchase extra insurance if you do not have a full coverage plan

For most insurance companies, rental cars are viewed as replacement unit vehicles. As such, a complete coverage will protect the driver on their own as well as in rental vehicles. In case you have such a cover, getting another insurance will only add to your budget without any actual benefits.

Some insurances companies only cover the rental car up to the worthiness of the driver’s own vehicle. Before booking your car with Car Hire Nairobi, check with call your insurer to see if you are fully covered.

Failing to purchase insurance

As stated above, before contacting your preferred car rental Nairobi agency, check whether your current insurance coverage extends to rental vehicles.

Most comprehensive covers do but if your policy is more affordable, you should consider getting additional insurance. You should not skip additional insurance since accidents can happen to anyone and at any moment.

The last thing you want is to be pressured to cater to expensive repairs in a foreign country.

Preparing for fuel

Who doesn’t enjoy driving a car with a full tank?

This way, you can drive without worrying about the fuel and being late for an important meeting or for your flight. Car rental Nairobi companies have recently introduced a car-refuelling plan.

When you have to catch a flight at wee hours, hiring a car with a full tank is a practical option. However, you should never have a full tank if you do not intend to drive that much.

Ignoring deals and offers

Most people usually rent a car when necessary and do not bother to find out if there are car rental Nairobi agencies offering discounts. If an average car is what you need but the company is low on such cars, you might be forced to settle for exotic cars, which are a bit pricey.

Always look out for regular deals and offers, as is the car with Car Hire Nairobi, especially when looking for self-drive car hire in Kenya. If the company you go for has a customer-centric approach, they will most likely give you a good bargain.

Avoiding discounts

Different car rental Nairobi companies will offer different types of discounts. Some will have discounts for their regular membership programs such as frequent-flyers and travel organizations. Clients for sports clubs, hobby-focused categories, as well as age-specific organizations are also likely to get special discounts with Car Hire Nairobi.