There are times when all you need is a set of wheels to get moving. But should you settle for expensive car hire in Kenya? Well, with, you do not have to. Discussed below are 9 tricks to help you land on cheap car hire in Kenya and save cash on your next car hire.

 9 Tips to get you started on cheap car hire in Kenya


Avoid Airport Car Hire in Kenya

There is no doubt that hiring a car at the airport is the most convenient way to kick-start your trip. Unfortunately, this convenience always comes at a premium due to surcharges at the airport. If you are landing at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, the international arrivals gate is flocked by drivers working for cab companies within the airport. These companies include Yellow Cab and Kenatco. The airport also runs its own shuttle services, which are all extremely expensive.

What about Uber and Taxify? Unfortunately, there have been incidences where the above cab companies and the hailing taxi companies have gone for each others throat, with the former successfully edging out the hailing companies out of the airport. This means that you will be extremely lucky to get an Uber or Taxify at the airport.

Exactly expensive are the car rental Nairobi airport companies? To start with, they are not actually car rental companies. Instead, they are mere taxis that will simply get you to your hotel! Assuming you are staying at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi. A trip less than 15km will cost you about $100. Keep in mind that on a traffic-free day this will be a 10mins ride. That is about $10 per minute. Now that is a lot!

What is the best alternative? To find affordable car rental Nairobi, book before boarding your plane. Fortunately, most car hire Nairobi companies will allow you to book their services online. This gives you adequate time to source for the most affordable and professional car hire in Kenya. Depending on the car and the car hire Nairobi company, you will find rates as low as $40 per day! Compare that with what it would cost you for a one-way ride to the hotel with Airport-based cab services.

Shop around for the best car hire in Kenya

Look at reputable sites like carhirenairobi, Nairobicar, Avenuecarhire, Hertz, and Kayak to compare your option and identify the best deal. Some of these websites will either have steep discounts or allow you to negotiate the rates, as is the case with carhirenairobi. While most car rental Nairobi paid in advance are not refundable, Car Hire Nairobi will comfortably give you a refund but with a gentle penalty for convenience. This means that you can easily and comfortably cancel your reservation whenever you want.

Go for budget car rentals Nairobi

Hertz, Kayak, and other international car hire services in Kenya are not the only outfits. Others homegrown car hire companies like Car Hire Nairobi, Nairobi Car, Avenue Car Hire, and Market Car Hire also have discounted rates. In fact, you will find car hire Kenya companies to be more affordable than international brands.

 Be a regular customer

Last December, treated its customers to half the rates! While other car hire Nairobi companies were out to make a kill, chose to spread the Christmas spirit by charging half the season rates.

Being a regular customer gives you the power to negotiate for better car hire deals. If you current go-to car rental Nairobi company does not appreciate you, it’s time to shop around for better deals. A company that values its customers will be eager to adjust the rates for you.   

Consider economy car hire Nairobi

Across the globe, economy cars are the cheapest and therefore most likely to be booked. When looking for car hire in Kenya, use this to save extra cash. Always reserve the smallest and the most affordable vehicle. While this might not be the most comfortable option, it is the pocket –friendly car rental Nairobi option.

  Stick to one Chauffer

Most car hire Nairobi companies will charge you for the driver. This fee can be anything between $12 to $20 per day with the leading car rental Nairobi companies. However, these rates usually vary by location.

 Avoid any extras

Car hire Nairobi companies make more by selling extras such as roadside assistance, insurance, satellite radio, and navigation. Resist this and you will save more money.

  • Insurance

If the car you intend to hire has a comprehensive cover, it most likely covers you when you hire the car. By signing the car hire contract, the company authorizes you to drive the vehicle and as such, the insurance covers you and any damage incurred. However, you might be required to part with excess insurance, especially when hiring high-end vehicles.

  • Navigation

Why spend more on a GPS navigation system when you have one in your pocket already? Waze, Google Maps, or will get you to your destination for free. Just save the route just in case the areas you intend to visit lack internet connectivity.

  • Car Seat

If you are travelling with a child, this might not be avoidable. However, if you have a friend within Nairobi, you can borrow their car seat for a few days.

Price out prepaid gas

Consider skipping the full-service option. However, most car hire Nairobi companies will have competitive fuel rates. It is impossible to know what your car hire in Kenya is charging you until you get there. With this in mind, always do your research before booking. Compare the fuel prices against that of your car rental Nairobi. Consider the likelihood of having a near-empty tank on return.

  1.  walk or ride

Although the tips above are the best way to land on cheap car hire in Kenya, the surefire way to save is by skipping the car hires altogether. Most cities including Nairobi have a working public transportation network. This is in addition to cabs and ridesharing apps.

Are you in need of a car for just a few hours? Visit and book a budget-friendly car with ease. Avoid the hassles of traffic and exaggerated rates by local taxis especially if you a “Mzungu” (Swahili for American). Plan in advance and find the best car hire in Kenya for your next vacation or business trip.