Women travelling to Kenya alone for business or leisure must cautiously plan every aspect of their trip. Knowing how to move from one point to the next will save you both time and frustrations. Although you might opt for public transportation, it is critical you ensure that you get to your destination safely. Car Hire Nairobi, the leading car rental agency in Kenya will ensure you travel with a minimum to no hassles at all.

If you are travelling to rural parts of Kenya, one thing to keep in mind is the language barrier. However, there are plenty of locals driving cabs for a living and who can speak decent English almost fluently. Although car hire in Kenya is the best options for travellers, there are other options, both private and public for travelling.

It is highly recommended that you download your trip information and print it before boarding your flight or leaving the hotel. Thanks to technology, maps can be found online. With most travel tools, you can effortlessly print several routes and alternatives just in case you run into bad weather, traffic, or even construction.

Plan your trip

Some car rental companies in Nairobi have partnered with top hotel chains. Once you leave the airport, you can easily take a bus or a taxi to the hotel. Once you are settled, contact Car Hire Nairobi or any other leading car rental Nairobi service provider and have a rental car delivered to your hotel. You are highly advised to book a car way before starting your trip.

Online Travel Agencies

You can book your travel with reputable websites such as KayakTravelocityOrbitz, ExpediaBooking Buddy, and CheapoAir among others. If you intend to stay within the city, renting a car from Car Hire Nairobi is the best option. Once you get to Nairobi, you can then easily decide whether to book a rental car.

Booking a rental car separately

There are hundreds of car hire websites in Kenya and getting one will not be a problem. Among the options available include renowned multinationals such as EnterpriseBudget, Hertz, ThriftyAvis, and National Car. The local options include Car Hire Nairobi, Nairobi Car, Avenue Car Hire, Market Car Hire, and many more.

Car Hire Nairobi Safety Checks

There several things that you must remember to check when picking up the car. For example, you need to ensure that the remote key work seamlessly. Also, remember to check the fuel gauge to ensure that it has enough fuel to get you to your destination. Check to ensure that all mirrors are clear and well adjusted. Make sure there is a spare tire in the trunk and keep the rental company’s contact within reach for emergency purposes.