When visiting for business or pleasure, Kenya is without a doubt a premium destination. However, upon touching down at Nairobi Airport, getting around on your own will prove challenging. Fortunately, with Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Airport transfer with Car Hire Nairobi, this challenge is solved.

Owing to the high population in Nairobi, the amount of traffic can be overwhelming. If you are flying into Nairobi, take advantage of our airport transfer services.

Here are a few reasons why you should use our Nairobi airport transfer services:



The main reason why you should take advantage of our Nairobi airport transfer services is the great deal of convenience and reliability it offers. Our airport transportation makes it easier for you to commute without having to deal with the hectic public transportation system. All your need is to hire a car in Nairobi with Car Hire Nairobi to enjoy our exceptional airport transfer services.

Less Headache

There is a lot to see and do in Kenya. However, upon landing at the Nairobi Airport, the last thing on your mind is dealing with traffic and driving around in a city you are not familiar with.

By using our car rental in Kenya Nairobi services, you can sit back and relax as our drivers get you to your destination. Once you rent a car in Nairobi with Car Hire Nairobi for your Nairobi airport transfer, you avoid the stress that comes with navigating the cumbersome and traffic jammed streets.

Our cheap car hire services in Nairobi ensure that you get to your destination without the stress of navigating the daily Nairobi traffic.


Another reason to consider our Nairobi airport transfer services and car hire services in Nairobi is that it is a much safer option. If you are travelling to Kenya for the first time, traffic can be a nightmare yet a common occurrence.

Fortunately, with professional airport transfer in Nairobi, our professional drivers will get you to your destinations with ease. As the leading car hire company in Nairobi, your safety is our number one priority.


When travelling to Nairobi, knowing that you have reliable car hire services in Nairobi for your airport transportation will set the tone for your Kenyan trip.

At Car Hire Nairobi, our Nairobi airport transfer services are not only dependable but also guarantees that you arrive at your destination much faster and safely.

Our customer support team works with your to schedule your pick up and remain in contact with you on the day of your travel. Upon arrival at Nairobi international airport, our drivers will be waiting to meet you and drive you to your destination.


Although you want a cheap car hire Nairobi Kenya service provider, you need car hire services in Nairobi that is dependable and that offers maximum comfort.

We pride ourselves with a fleet of high end vehicles to ensure that you relax throughout the trip to your destination. You can use this time to make calls, check you emails, unwind, or even enjoy the scenic views in the comfort of the vehicle.

A well-maintained Fleet

If your car rental in Kenya Nairobi is to fulfill its obligation to provide safe and classy airport transfer services, then a well maintained fleet is a must have.

At Car Hire Nairobi, our fleet features the latest models all which are regularly serviced. We strive to keep every car spotless clean and replace them whenever signs of wear and tear are identified.

Equally important, all vehicle undergo mandatory government regulated inspection, registration, and licensing. Every trip you take with us is guaranteed to exceed your expectation of a car rental in Kenya Nairobi. This is why you should always choose us for all your Nairobi airport transfer needs.

Professional Chauffeur services

Being one of the best car hire companies in Kenya, we know that the best airport transfer services are only as good as the chauffeur behind the wheel.

With this in mind, our chauffeurs undergo a rigorous assessment before employing them. We thoroughly screen them for criminal records after which they undergo training on customer relations as well as defensive driving.

Customer satisfaction

We always strive for customer satisfaction. As such we make it easy for our esteemed customers to leave feedback on the quality of our services. With every feedback, we endeavour to make improvements. Consequently, this makes us the best Nairobi Airport transfer car hire services in Nairobi.

Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our clients extremely seriously. We have employed several measures to guard against breach of customer data. We only share personal information with third parties for payment purposes.

5 Important Hacks for Nairobi Airport Transfer

Flying through an airport that you have never been to before can be a challenging experience. If you are a frequently visitor, you do not have to deal with airport transfer every time you visit. Fortunately, with car hire services in Nairobi you can easily find a reliable Nairobi airport transfer services that you can rely on every time you visit.

Here are a few airport hacks to keep in mind that will equally save you time and money.

·         Security Enhancement

Taking advantage of the security offers is one way to make your travel through an airport much easier. If you frequent the Nairobi Airport, then you are probably aware of the security processes. These security processes can be lengthy. But with the TSA security upgrade, it becomes much easier to go through the security lines.

·         Empty water bottle

You are not allowed to bring any liquids through the security check. If its water you want, you can easily buy it for just a dollar at the stores. Alternatively, you can carry an empty water bottle and refill at the airport for free.

·         Don’t Check your Bags

Trying to check all your bags is just a waste of time. Checking your luggage means spending more time on the security line.  Just cut back on your luggage and carry just one bag onto the plane to save time and the risk of your bags being lost.

·         Easier Transportation

Once you get to Nairobi Airport, another hack to keep in mind is that you need a reliable Nairobi airport transfer service provider.

If you are coming to Nairobi and want to go to Maasai Mara, you might want to rent a car in Nairobi rather than dealing with the hectic public transport. Most car hire companies in Kenya offer Nairobi Airport transfer services. However, you need a cheap car hire Nairobi Kenya that is both affordable and reliable.