Finding a reliable and affordable self-drive car rental in Nairobi should top your list when planning a visit to Kenya. Fortunately, Car Hire Nairobi, a leader in car hire services in Nairobi has your back. Whether on a business trip or on a vacation, Car Hire Nairobi offers cheap car hire in Nairobi to suit your budget.

We all know how tedious planning every detail of a trip can be. In fact, the success of your trip depends on how well you plan it. Whether it is a sightseeing trip across Kenya, or a business trip in Nairobi, every detail of your planning matters.

Moving around and getting to your destination on time is a key consideration to keep in mind. As such, you need a reliable and convenient mode of transport that best suits your travel plans.


Why Self Drive car rental in Nairobi?

Unfortunately, you cannot drive your car all the way to Kenya. On the other hand, navigating the chaotic public transport will prove a nightmare. The only best option is therefore to find a car rental in Kenya. If possible, choose a self-drive car rental in Nairobi Kenya.

With a cheap car hire Nairobi self-drive services, movement from your hotel to other destinations becomes seamless. All you need is to reach out to a renowned car rental company in Nairobi and present the required documents after which you will be on your way.

Each car hire service providers in Nairobi offer a wide range of options to choose from. Your choice of a self-drive car hire in Nairobi depends on your preferences. Of course, not all vehicles are available for self-drive.

Most luxury and high end vehicles as well as tour/safari vehicles are never offer on self-drive basis. If you therefore need a self-drive car hire in Nairobi, you will have to choose from the vehicles available under that option.

When Do You Need A Self-Drive Car Rental In Nairobi?

The main problem with organized tours is being packed in a car with lots of other travelers and having little time to appreciate scenic views. The amount of time that you spend confined in a coach with stranger can make your trip extremely boring.

Here are few instance when you will certainly need a self-drive car rental in Nairobi Kenya:

  • When you want to take charge of the pace of your trip
  • You need extra comfort and privacy
  • When you need total freedom and flexibility to get to your destinations
  • When navigating around is not a problem for you

At Car Hire Nairobi, we can easily organize a cheap self drive car rental in Nairobi Kenya for you. Our team will also advice you on the best routes to take if you are not familiar with your destination. Whether you want the car delivered at the airport, Car Hire Nairobi caters for all your self drive car rental in Nairobi needs.

Essential Tips for Self Drive Car Rental In Nairobi

At Car Hire Nairobi, we only recommend self drive car hire in Nairobi to clients who familiar with local roads.  It is unfortunate that most roads in Kenya are not well maintained and lack proper signposts. As such, unless you are familiar with the routes you intend to us, navigating can be quite a challenging endeavour.

Here are a few tips to help make your next self drive experience more enjoyable and trouble-free:

  • Lookout for speed restriction signs. Although most signpost are not clearly visible, keep a keen eye for these signs. Failure to observe the speed limits could land you in trouble.
  • Familiarize yourself with the local traffic regulations before booking a self drive car hire in Nairobi Kenya. Our team will always be eager to advise you on most common issues you are likely to encounter while in car hire Nairobi self drive.
  • Be on the lookout for scenic views dotting the country. Kenya is full of interesting sites, so do not be in rush to cover the miles. You should, however, begin you journey early enough to create room for extra stops along the route to admire the scenery.
  • While you must stick to your itinerary, taking a guide book with you is never a bad idea. You can always try to squeeze in a visit to those little-known destinations along the route when you can.

Going Off-Road With Car Hire Nairobi Self Drive

In most cases, car hire companies in Nairobi will not offer self drive services for off-road 4WD vehicles. However, you can easily find yourself driving in a badly pot-holed dirt road. Here is what you should do in such cases:

  • Take your time and drive at a slow speed on bad roads
  • Avoid driving close to the edge of gravel roads
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles especially on dusty roads with poor visibility
  • Make sure you know how to change a wheel
  • Leave early to give yourself enough time to drive on such road conditions without rushing