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How to Rent a Car in Nairobi: The Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to rent a car in Nairobi but not sure where to begin? How is the car rental experience in Kenya?

When visiting Nairobi for the first time, chances are you will consider renting a car to ease your movement. If you want to know more about hiring a car in Kenya, then you are in the right place. This post features a few tips to help you rent a car in Nairobi with ease.

At, we rank top as a leading car rental company in Kenya. Whether it’s value-priced car hire services or a vast car rental fleet, we strive to transform how you rent a car in Nairobi.

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Car Rental in Nairobi with Car Hire Nairobi

Are you planning a trip to Nairobi Kenya and prefer driving a nice car during your trip? Car rental in Nairobi with Car Hire Nairobi is the way to go.

If you live in Kenya and have friends coming over and in need of transport or simply looking to rent a car in Nairobi for a special occasion, then you should consider contacting Car Hire Nairobi. Just keep us on your speed dial for all your car rentals in Nairobi.

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Car Hire in Nairobi Booking Tips

Finding a car hire in Nairobi is easy. However, finding the best deals always means booking your car rental in advance.

Once you decide to rent a car in Nairobi, the first step should be identifying the best car hire service providers and giving them a call or booking online.

Choosing who between the car rental companies in Kenya to hire from and what kind of car to go for will determine your experience throughout the travel.

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How to Avoid Landing In Car Hire Companies in Nairobi Bad Books

Here is something you should know when looking for car hire companies in Nairobi. All car hire companies in Nairobi maintain a well-guarded list of backlisted customers who are never offered car rental services.

Getting your name on the Do Not Rent list can severely affect your travel plans, especially when your name is shared among several car rental companies in Nairobi.

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Self Drive Car Rental in Nairobi Kenya

Finding a reliable and affordable self-drive car rental in Nairobi should top your list when planning a visit to Kenya. Fortunately, Car Hire Nairobi, a leader in car hire services in Nairobi has your back. Whether on a business trip or on a vacation, Car Hire Nairobi offers cheap car hire in Nairobi to suit your budget.

We all know how tedious planning every detail of a trip can be. In fact, the success of your trip depends on how well you plan it. Whether it is a sightseeing trip across Kenya, or a business trip in Nairobi, every detail of your planning matters.

Moving around and getting to your destination on time is a key consideration to keep in mind. As such, you need a reliable and convenient mode of transport that best suits your travel plans.


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When visiting for business or pleasure, Kenya is without a doubt a premium destination. However, upon touching down at Nairobi Airport, getting around on your own will prove challenging. Fortunately, with Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Airport transfer with Car Hire Nairobi, this challenge is solved.

Owing to the high population in Nairobi, the amount of traffic can be overwhelming. If you are flying into Nairobi, take advantage of our airport transfer services.

Here are a few reasons why you should use our Nairobi airport transfer services:


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Car Rental in Kenya: First Timer’s Guide with Car Hire Nairobi

Hiring a car in Kenya for the first time can be a daunting undertaking. Although a necessity especially when you want to be in charge of your schedule, car rental in Kenya is not as easy as it may seem. However, it does not have to be a nightmare for you. At Car Hire Nairobi, we make car hire in Kenya as pain-free as possible.

Discussed in this article are a few tips to keep in mind before you hire a car in Kenya. Keep in mind that our team is already available for all your queries.

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Hire a Car in Kenya for the Best Safari Experience

Most people will only get to experience a safari once in their lifetime. A safari involves meticulous planning in order to make your dream come true. This is a chance to view fascinating creatures in their natural habitats. Perfect planning means that you get to a memorable experience. If you are using car hire in Kenya for your safari, Then Car Hire Nairobi is the place to be.

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Why Hire A Car In Nairobi In The First Place? The Pros and Cons

Hiring a car in Nairobi is without a doubt a great idea. When looking for ways to simplify your holiday in Kenya, or just enjoy your freedom on the roads, choosing to hire a car in Nairobi is the ideal solution.

Unfortunately, car rental in Nairobi has not had the best reputation with most car hire companies in Nairobi attempting to deceive and extort their clients. In this post, we’ll focus on the pros and cons of hiring a car in Nairobi and why in most cases, it is the best option for your holiday in Kenya.

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Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Transfer Nairobi

Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) is the seventh busiest airport in Africa. Also known as Nairobi Int Airp Port Kenyatta, it lies about 15 kilometres south of the busy capital city of Kenya. This means that you will most likely need airport transfers Nairobi.

Car rental in Kenya by Car Hire Nairobi will make your journey seamless. Get in touch with us for airport transfers Nairobi.

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