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Enjoy Unparalleled Luxury Car Rental in Nairobi

At Car Hire Nairobi, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our fleet features all styles and sizes. Our fleets of cars for hire in Nairobi features a vast range of styles and sizes. 

If you are travelling as a group or family, you can easily book a roomy van or a 4×4 SUV for hire. For open road lovers, Car Hire Nairobi has a vast range of 4×4 cars for hire in Nairobi to help you explore any off-road destination with ease. Our car rentals in Nairobi come with unlimited mileage allowing you to explore exotic locations with our 4×4 cars for hire in Kenya.

Topping the list of our luxury car rental in Nairobi is the Toyota Prado for hire. Without a doubt the world’s famous executive cars, the Toyota Prado J120 and J150 series top the list of the most sought after cars for hire in Nairobi, Kenya.

Other Luxury car rentals in Nairobi on our fleet include Rand Rover series, BMWs, Land Cruiser V8, and the Mercedes Benz series. These elegant beauties are all available at highly discounted rates to give you a safe and VIP travel experience.


Rent a Toyota Prado Series with Car Hire Nairobi

The 4×4 Toyota Prado tanks top as an executive luxury SUV for hire in Kenya. The J120 series, for instance, offers great cargo space and adequate room for the driver and four adult passenger. On the other hand, the Toyota Prado TX J150 for hire comfortably accommodates 7 adult passengers.

The stylish design and unparalleled performance of the 4×4 Toyota Prado for hire in Nairobi are worth every dime. The design makes it an ideal executive and group travel vehicle.

The additional features, comfort, and accessories are perfectly designed to make your car rental in Nairobi unforgettable. No matter where your destination is, the city, highways, or of- road, Toyota Prado car rental in Nairobi will give you a smooth ride.

Planning a road trip or a long-distance trip in Kenya? At Car Hire Nairobi, we offer an affordable unlimited mileage car hire services in Kenya. Regardless of your plans, we will help you achieve them with ease and at budget-friendly rates.  When it comes to cheap car hire in Nairobi, we rank top!

Class and Comfort with Luxury SUV Car Rental in Nairobi

Car Hire Nairobi offers luxury 4X4 SUV car rental in Kenya. Book a Toyota Prado and experience driving a premium vehicle at budget rates. With adequate room for all your luggage, the Toyota Prado for hire is perfectly suited for off-road destinations. Get behind a luxury 4X4 SUV for hire and face just about any road ahead of you in style. Whether it’s a group outing, shopping in the city, wedding, business meeting or any other important occasion, a Toyota Prado for hire in Nairobi is the best way to get there. Take advantage of our low rates on luxury 4X4 SUV for hire in Nairobi and travel to your destination