Hiring a car in Kenya for the first time can be a daunting undertaking. Although a necessity especially when you want to be in charge of your schedule, car rental in Kenya is not as easy as it may seem. However, it does not have to be a nightmare for you. At Car Hire Nairobi, we make car hire in Kenya as pain-free as possible.

Discussed in this article are a few tips to keep in mind before you hire a car in Kenya. Keep in mind that our team is already available for all your queries.

Before Making Your Car Hire Reservation

  • Age Requirements

Different car rental companies in Kenya will have different age restrictions for drivers that can hire their cars. Each car hire company will therefore have a unique minimum and maximum age limit. Clients that fall outside the set age bracket are likely to be subjected to higher charges or denied car hire services.

With car rental in Kenya, check for car hire companies that accommodate you age. However, provided that you hold a valid driving license, most car rental in Kenya will allow anyone above the age of 18 to 70 to hire a car.

Always call the car rental company in Kenya before making your reservation to avoid disappointments or extra charges. At Car Hire Nairobi, our customer support team is always eager to work with you. This way, we are the best car rental in Kenya for first time car hire clients in Kenya.

  • Vehicle Categories

When booking your car hire in Kenya, keep in mind that you will be booking a category but not a specific make or model. At Car Hire Nairobi, each vehicle on our website represents the category you are booking.

Due to the high demand of our car rental services in Kenya, we cannot guarantee a specific model given that our suppliers and fleet keep changing. However, we guarantee high quality and well-maintained vehicles of similar size and specifications to the one selected on our website.

  • Credit Card And Security Deposit

At Car Hire Nairobi, we have several payment methods including credit cards. However, you will have to leave a security deposit for all high-end vehicles. Your credit card details are safe and will at no time be shared with third parties.

  • Rental documents

When collecting your car rental in Kenya, remember to carry your National ID, passport, and a valid driver’s license. Most car rental companies in Kenya will require proof of address. All documents presented should be up to date.

Failing to produce your driving license will force the car rental company to deny you their services and at times even hit you with a fine. Always share copies of these documents when making your reservation with your preferred car rental in Kenya.

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Things That Can Go Wrong With Car Rental in Kenya


The first thing to keep in mind is to never drive the rental car with a flat tire. Once you notice a puncture, find a safe place and pull over. Driving with a puncture will damage the rims and suspension.

Replace the flat tire with a spare and you will be on the road again. However, ensure that your car rental service provider knows that you need a new tyre. The “space saver” spare that comes with most cars cannot be driven over long distances.

If the rental car does not have a spare wheel, or you do not know how to change the wheel, call a breakdown for assistance. These details are always provided when collecting your rental car in Kenya. It is critical that you ensure that the car comes with a spare wheel when collecting it from your car rental company in Kenya. There are circumstances that will force the car rental company to charge you for the puncture. These are some of the details you should keep in mind when choosing a car rental in Kenya.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Do not panic. Just like above, pull over and try to figure out what could be the problem. Fortunately, modern vehicles will explain the meaning of the warning light. It could be something as minor as low washer fluid. However, if it is something much more serious, call your car rental company and have the car recovered.

This is why you should go for the car rental in Kenya with roadside assistance and breakdown services. Always call your car hire Nairobi service provider before attempting any diagnostics.

A Cracked Windscreen

A chip from a stone is enough to break your windscreen. Just like with any other vehicle damage, always pull over to assess the damage. If the damage is significant, do not attempt to drive the car. Instead, contact your car rental in Kenya. Usually, traffic police will stop and slap you with a fine for driving a car with a cracked windscreen. As such, ultimately, the windscreen will have to be replaced.

The car fails to work

If the rental car stops working, call your car rental company for breakdown assistance. If you are unable to safely pull over on the roadside, have the hazard lights on and place reflectors on the road to warn other motorists. Depending on your car rental in Kenya, breakdown services should be swift, especially when the car is blocking traffic.

An Accident

Whether on the road or at home, accidents do not have to be intimidating. Keep calm and follow the advice above. If the accidents involve a third party, take photos of the scene and take details of any witnesses available. Contact the nearby police station as fast as possible. Finally, contact your rental company.