Here is something you should know when looking for car hire companies in Nairobi. All car hire companies in Nairobi maintain a well-guarded list of backlisted customers who are never offered car rental services.

Getting your name on the Do Not Rent list can severely affect your travel plans, especially when your name is shared among several car rental companies in Nairobi.


Persons on this list are deemed to present some form of risk. Before your name makes it on any car hire company’s bad books, all your violations of the car rental terms including unpaid bills are carefully documented.

Although this does not entirely mean you cannot find a reliable car rental company in Nairobi for hire a car, chances are you will have to deal will unlicensed companies whose cars are not licensed for car rental services and whose rates can be significantly high.

There are a few easy steps to follow if you are keen on keeping your name off the car rental blacklist. First, you need to know why car rental in Nairobi would ban you from renting their cars in the future. Of course, every car hire company in Nairobi has its own set of terms and conditions. Violating some of these terms is the easiest way to have a car hire company in Kenya blacklist your name.

How to stay off car hire companies in Nairobi Blacklist

Strictly adhere to the rules – every frequent car rental user dreads finding themselves on their preferred car hire companies in Nairobi do not rent list. When serious violations occur, lawyers get involved and with them, huge costs follow. There are instances when, even with excessive violations, but still, within the rental company’s terms, you will not get blacklisted. For instance, if you cover 1000km in a day with unlimited mileage car hire Nairobi self-drive services, it is unlikely that the car rental company will punish you.

Don’t be aggressive – threatening a car rental representative or any other acts of aggression that could result in a police case is the easiest way to find yourself in the bad book.

Don’t use fake documents – This is a serious No-No that will quickly land you on all car hire companies in Nairobi do not rent list. Falsifying documents tells the car hire Nairobi company that you do not intend to return their car.

 Showing up drunk – No car hire company in Nairobi will rent a car to a client will is unfit to drive. Showing up at Car Hire Nairobi to collect a hire for hire will get you booked on the do not rent list.

Faking an accident – All car hire companies in Nairobi are aware that some customers rent cars with an intention to stage accidents and commit insurance fraud.

Allowing unauthorized drivers to drive – Under no circumstances should you allow an unauthorized person to drive. Always contact the company offering your car hire services in Nairobi before allowing another driver behind the wheel.