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A Traveler’s Guide to Cheap Car Hire: Car Hire Nairobi

Failure to plan ahead leaves on vulnerable to errors common in car hire services. A common example of such mistakes is the car hire excess insurance. Paying for the car hire excess insurance at the rental desk is likely to double the cost of your car rental. At Car Hire Nairobi, we endeavour to advise you on tips on tricks that will make your next car hire in Kenya affordable.

Discussed in this post are a few tips for your car rental insurance when hiring a car in Nairobi

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Maasai Mara Car Hire with Car Hire Nairobi

With Car Hire Nairobi, you can easily find a Maasai car hire to match your holiday needs and travel across Kenya in style and comfort.

Our car rental Maasai Mara and Maasai Mara airport transfer services give you the freedom to choose a set of wheels that suits your needs. As one of the leading car rental agency in Kenya, we pride ourselves in fleet rich in stylish, comfortable, and high-quality vehicles.

Whether you need a 4X4 to help you enjoy scenic drives with your loved ones, or on a solo cruise across the busy Nairobi city, we have a car for any situation.

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Age of Disruption for Car Hire in Kenya

Technological disruptions in the transportation industry across the globe is changing the car rental industry in Kenya as in any other part of the globe. Like with every other aspects of our lives, we are here now and at Car Hire Nairobi, we have come to terms with the fact that these changes are here to stay.

The first disruption worth noting is with the ride sharing cabs. Uber, Lyft and Taxify among others have been a hot topic in the Tech-world. The effects of these technologies on the car rental companies in Kenya cannot be ignored.

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Car Hire Nairobi Guide on How to Travel To Kenya

Car Hire Nairobi, a leading online car hire Nairobi service provider, offers convenient alternatives to help you move around the country. This post is a detailed guide on how to travel to Kenya.

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Tourism Trends in Kenya with Car Hire Nairobi

As tourism gains more steam in Kenya, Car Hire Nairobi takes a lead position in transforming the travel industry with affordable car rental services. Tourism remains one of the biggest revenues earners for the Kenyan Government. In recent years, the government has pumped in billions of shillings to revive the sector.  As seen in recent trends, the effort seems to be worthwhile.

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Car Hire in Kenya

What you need to know about car hire in Kenya

Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for car hire in Kenya:

  •  Size Matters

The size of the car reflects the price you pay for it! Different companies will have a varying view of what “compact,” “economy,” and “Luxury” vehicles.

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Car Hire Services in Nairobi with Car Hire Nairobi

Car Hire Nairobi is here to make your experience with car hire services in Nairobi seamless. At Car Hire Nairobi, we understand that you are constantly bombarded with cheap car rentals in Kenya only to get to the counter and the offer does not exist.  When dealing with a reputable car hire services provider in Nairobi, you are guaranteed exceptional and affordable car rental services.

At Car Hire Nairobi, we pride ourselves on being a full-service car hire company in Kenya with car hire services at rates that you want. Our fleet features most of the popular makes and models ranging from luxury, economy, midsize, passenger vans, hybrid rentals, pickup trucks, and sport car rentals among many more.

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Save Cash While You Enjoy Your Ride with Car Hire Nairobi

Car Hire Nairobi offers an extremely popular and convenient way to move around in Kenya. With companies such as popping up every now and then, car rental services continue to save thousands from the hassles of owning a car.

It is now possible to hire a car in Kenya from Car Hire Nairobi or similar agencies offering a variety of car models and at varying rates. Everyone wants cheap car rental in Kenya for his or her next trip.

However, there is a couple of things to keep in mind to land yourself on affordable car hire in Kenya.

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Why You Need Chauffeur Services with Car Hire In Kenya

Chauffeur services with car hire in Kenya mean professional drivers’ service. At Car Hire Nairobi, chauffeur services are offered in all premium cars such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, etc. Keep in mind that these services are not similar to taking an Uber or Taxify in Kenya. With, chauffeur services are cheaper especially if you are travelling to faraway places for business or vacation.

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Benefits of Long-Term Car Hire in Kenya

Most people feel the need to hire a car for just short-term basis. However, this is not always the situation. The idea of long-term car hire in Kenya has significantly grown over the last couple of months. Unlike what most people think, long-term car hire is not an expensive option but instead, it offers several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of long-term car hire in Kenya with Car Hire Nairobi:

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